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To survive, a puppy has to be licked by its mother. Otherwise, a puppy does not know of its existence. An exchange is essential. Every sentient being requires a welcome to Earth. In Heaven, there is only welcome. In Heaven, unwelcome is unknown.

Of course, to be welcomed on Earth is of the utmost importance. No Being is to be overlooked. No Being is to be cast aside. You understand that remaining unnoticed is inhuman. Life exists to be noticed. This is what is meant by Love. Human Beingness must be noted and nourished. To be loved is to be noticed. Beingness also has to be fed. Abandonment in not an option. Not in My eyes. Eyes must meet. Souls must touch. Hearts must breathe in and breathe out and be intoned.

Teaching and learning are exchanged through love. At the very least, love. Love given in school can be for a subject taught. There inevitably has to be an exchange of love. Two sets of eyes have to exchange their light. Be sure now. Even to a stranger on the path, venture love. Reveal though your passage in life that love exists.

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