A Commandment from God That Ye Shall Enjoy | Heavenletters

Give up looking backwards. Forsooth dregs. Never were dregs meant for you. I will not hear of such a thing. Backward glances are forbidden to you. Do you get My drift? Enlightenment is for you. Bowing down to adversity is not.

The past, as you may have perceived it, is to be disbanded once and for all. Say no more: “God, look at what sorrow befell me.”

No, you are to say: “God, what boons are upon me?”

Now, you are to say: “What lighted turn in the road do I now take? No more muddy roads for sure. What is my flight plan? Now I fly and fly higher yet.

“Blue Skies for me, and nothing less. Why would I think of less? Now I do not even consider old propositions. I am at the helm of my life, and I choose to fly high.

“Of course I do. I accept all that Heaven offers to me as I stand tall. For Heaven’s sake, I hold myself in golden light and nothing less. This is the troth that God holds out and asks me to accept.

“God made me a high-stepper. He gave me dreams to foresee. He gave me dreams to reach. He gave me dreams to surpass. He asks me to dream His dreams and alight on them. Of course, I say Yes, beyond a doubt. It is a forward-moving path I am on and I accept.”

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