Letter to Greg Clark – There is Not Enough Fresh Water for New Nuclear, Stop Now.

The plans for Moorside are unravelling but we have to make sure.   The following letter has been sent to Greg Clark MP,  Please do use this as a template to urge him to scrap all new nuclear build.  It is beyond time.

Email:  enquiries@beis.gov.uk

To the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP

Secretary of State

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Dear Greg Clark MP,

Please Rethink New Nuclear

We are writing to you to ask that you rethink the already outdated new nuclear build policy.

The advice of the National Infrastructure Commission in the light of falling renewable prices and falling energy demands as a result of smarter technology, is that new nuclear build should stop at Hinkley Point C.

In Cumbria which is the likely “final” resting place for wastes (decommissioning and spent fuel) from Hinkley Point C we say that the Hinkley C project should be mothballed…

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