Afghanistan–Still Crazy After All These Years

In Saner Thought

You know if you watch the news with any regularity you might not be aware that we are still fighting a war in Afghanistan some 17 years on…..and since I try to keep my readers abreast of all our many wars I will update the Afghan theater……

We have done as much as we could to help the US friendly government stay in power….but what is it like, the government, even with all our help……

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani faces an unprecedented cross-ethnic challenge threatening political stability in Afghanistan. The Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan (CSA) – a powerful opposition alliance – created the Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan on July 26. The CSA is led by key powerbrokers including recently returned First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum, former Balkh Province Governor Mohammad Atta Noor, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Mohaqiq, and Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani. The…

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