Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May | Heavenletters

Beloved, each day is a new day. Look at life in this way. Each day is a New Bounty to you. No day, as you know days, comes again. Of course, it’s possible to look at each day as a revolving door that you may enter anew. Today is a new day. Welcome it. This new day may not show up with Broadway lights and a drum roll. Nevertheless, something is up to you to see anew.

Rather than thinking of yourself as starting over, think of yourself as starting anew. You might like to live a new day rather than patch up an old one, yes?

You are on the brim of something new and joyous that is awaiting you to discover. Who doesn’t want more joy? Start out on a new journey that you have never embarked on before. You are embracing a new start in life. This is the first time you have set your eyes on this journey. You look around for a starting place. That’s all you are doing. What new discovery will you make? Make it. Make several. You are going somewhere today where you have never gone before. At the very least, you will step somewhere you never stepped before in the very shoes you are wearing this day.

You may love the familiar, and yet who doesn’t love a new beginning as well? May your eyes and your heart alight on something new. Beloveds, life doesn’t exactly allow you to sit in the same chair all your life as if you couldn’t budge.

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