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Wind fans recently suffered a big blow when the $4.5 billion, 2-gigawatt Windcatcher project was turned down by state regulators in Texas and Oklahoma, so the approval process for the new Wyoming-to-Idaho project was a nail biter.

The developer, Rocky Mountain Power and its parent company PacifiCorp had to beat down arguments from a group of large power users, which claimed that the investment was speculative in nature.

PSC found differently:

At its core, this case presents the question of whether or not the Company has shown it requires, or will require, the proposed wind generation facilities and transmission lines to adequately, efficiently, justly and reasonably serve its customers and promote the public “health, safety and convenience.” See Id., § 61-302. Having reviewed the record, we find that the Company has satisfied this burden.

And yes, Rocky Mountain does expect the new wind farms and transmission line to be in operation sometime in 2020.

via How Wyoming Wind Farms Help Idaho Replace Coal | CleanTechnica

There is a pitched battle being fought against ALL renewables, because they threaten the existing 1 percent, top down, monopolies of fossil fuel and nuclear.