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Step further ahead and give more than your heart may feel was given to you. You have your own heart and soul, and I ask you to follow Me. I will lead you to still waters and to green pastures and to a mountain top from which you can climb to this high peak from which, with My compliments, you take a deep breath of air surpassing the known capacity of your lungs.

You can follow a new path of your own making. You can yet begin to know the extent of your Self that is yours to follow and to reveal, most especially, to yourself. You may well have had pulled the wool over your eyes, covering your True Image.

You are not exceeding yourself. You are reaching out your hand to yourself. You are greeting yourself along the way. You are waking up to the depth and height of your existence. You are waking up your sleeping Self. You are learning the outreaches of your Self, Who Art in Truth, My Self.

Happy day. The day has come.

It isn’t exactly that you have turned over a new leaf. Not at all. You just are finding the treasure and expanse within you, which, in Truth, have always been free within you. You are not a new you. You are your True Self you always carried around inside you, and, perhaps, kept hidden from yourself and from all those around you as well. Shake hands with your Self now. I introduce you to the Truth of You, which is the Truth of Me. We have been a long time knowing the Oneness of love.

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