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You’re not sure when or how this happened. You do know that your ego got flattened out. You got out of it somehow once and for all. You have bigger fish to fry. You have more in life than sporting and supporting anyone’s ego – least of all your own.

This didn’t actually come as a revelation. It comes more like the way a cup of tea brews on its own. It is like you lean back in a rocking chair on the back porch. No longer do you have to sit front row center. What an easing to your heart this is. What a good thing it is to not have to hoard ego and simply serve.

You no longer have to come first. You are in no hurry. You can walk. You don’t have to ride in a tasseled chariot. Wonder of wonders, not at all must you. What a relief to be just anyone. No longer is there a hullabaloo about your importance.

What can you be missing when all of life is yours for the asking? Of course, you don’t have to make the headlines. Easy does it. You don’t have to do cartwheels to be magnificent. You can lean back and not have to be magnificent. Gain the idea that life is magnificent without any folderol. It is easy to acknowledge now that you never did need a drum roll, and you are glad for simplicity without fanfare. This is living life, and the living is easy.

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  1. Nuclearism and global warming are eating us alive.  

    How ironic, that the Koch-supported conspiracy trolls  and climate deniers, are constantly hatching catchy memes and simpleton counters, to what is so stunningly apparent.   That is, that the world is burning up. Many parts of The northern hemisphere are already a radioactive/chemical sewer and global warming threatens to set off many nuclear reactors now, too.  

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?
    Nuclear inferno or greenhouse apocolypse. Probably both.

    “Burning quadrillions of HCs annually, is not changing the CO2 partial pressure on earth. Volcanoes have done that,for millions of years with no effect on life. ”

    “The surface  temperature of a planet  can only be changed by the output of the sun.  So no worries, burn as much stuff as you want. There is no greenhouse effect and,  there is a mini ice age coming.”

    Let us look at a bit of Robert Hunzikers recent article

    The Burning Planet 


    Photo source NOAA Photo Library | CC BY 2.0
    “A recent UK newspaper headline read “The World’s On Fire,” which is literally true as extraordinary continent-wide wildfires consume the planet, accompanied by unbearable, insufferable, oppressive heat. Europe, North America, Japan, and North Africa are all experiencing unprecedented scorching heat.

    All of which begs the question of when anthropogenic, or human-caused, global warming will be recognized as a reality by America, the second biggest contributor of greenhouse gases (GHG).

    Don’t look for confirmation from the Trump administration, the U.S. Senate or House, the leadership of America (ahem). They are all deniers, and thus have blocked any and all efforts of an American “Marshall Plan” for renewable energy.”

    The trumpsters have a new meme or conspiracy meme going everytime you turn around, to keep their cult faithful in line, as climate deniers.

    “The wild fires in Cali are from secret energy weapons.  Not searing temperatures and drought unseen before.

    Increased volcanic activity and solar minimums, are actually cooling the planet. The aliens are actually using geoengineering to heat it up!”

    I do think there is geoengineering technology. There is cloud seeding. NASA scientists, have experimented with injecting sulfuric acid droplets, into the upper atmosphere to block the radiance of the sun, and cool regions down.

    To a trumpist this would be anathema! It defiles the purity of basic tea party and koch gibberish- gaslighting to reinforce climate denial.

    Yet, it is what some Trump NASA scientists, have proposed and it is probably happening.

    The world is is in perilous trouble.

    90% penguins gone

    75% of insects gone in 3 decades

    Both the arctic and antarctic are melting at visibly accelerating rates : Yet a kochtroll climate denier will lay this propaganda meme bit on ya crom one of their favorite periodicals

    ‘A National Geographic photographer has admitted that the viral image of a polar bear suffering from climate change is fake news almost a year later. “We had lost control of the narrative,” admitted Cristina Mittermeier, the photographer of the polar bear.
    “National Geographic admits their mission is to propagate the minds of the public with scary images in order to call for more government control over the masses in order to confiscate even more money. But it’s all for the greater good, right? In the video below, The Health Ranger explains how climate change alarmists have pulled off the most insane, large-scale mass hypnosis in human history” ZERO HEDGE

    One interesting foil for climate denying memes and confabulations,  is to look no further than our neighbor sister planet Venus, which scientists say may have supported life, if the dice rolled  a different way.

    The progression of Venus from potential life-bearing planet, to dead gas planet. A planet with surface temps, of 700 degrees farenheit, with an atmosphere of sulfuric acid is as glamerous as it comes, by conspiracy standards, exotic meme supplication, and esoterica woo-woo.
    Sulfuric Acid Atmosphere
    Super Greenhouse Effect.
    Exotic Vulcanism

    To the climate deniers, air quality around the world, is getting better not worse, in spite of the billions of tons of crap, we spew into the ocean and air weekly.

    Perhaps ancient Venusians geoengineered their planet into hell because, of Greenhouse and climate change believers and Pinheads like the ones on earth now, that oppose the Koch and Trumpian vision OF CAPITALISM UBER ALLES come climate/nuclear hell and high water.

    Sooner probably than later, our atmosphere can  be like venus. Pure sulfuric acid.  The end result of a planet that, could have harbored life.   Venus.  Or did harbor life, like earth.

    It is ironic that sulfuric acid can be used to manipulate climate. 

    The Trump administrations is probably using sufuric acid droplet and aerosol technology, in the upper atmosphere to do geoengineering. They probably are,  using it to keep everything from burning up or to head-off massive successions of hurricanes and floods, from putting half of the usa under water. Hint hint, say no more say no more. 

    The oceans are becoming acidified. Massive amounts of CO2, is supercatalyzing the release of the other greenhouse gasses, like methane and nitrous oxide.  The net effect, is exponentially heating the earths atmosphere, upward. 

    It could permanently change the geochemistry, of the earth. Like it did on venus. It can  cause the earth to be more volcanic. Like venus.

    Radionuclide contamination in the atmosphere, is destroying the ozone. Radionuclide pollution, is destroying the life-giving chemistry of biomolecules on earth. IT is increasing ocean acidification exponentially.

    Maybe that is why trump is supposedly, more antikoch and pro-monsanto now. Even with the lies of eugenics and hopes for genetic engineering, they think they can create disposable cyborg things, that are part machine to run other machines, after they have destroyed all life, and earth is uninhabitable.

    The Trumpsters, and greed guts, can call earth verthus, before they fry from the hell on earth, they are reinforcing. 

    The greedguts and gulpers, wall street, goldman sachs, the oligarchs and billionairs will still have something to speculate on and keep their fake money moving, their insatiable appetite for fraud, death, speculative casinos going, as all life is destroyed on earth and it becomes a superheated inferno, like venus. 

    They can speculate on genetically engineered and yet-imperfect, disposable cyborgs, that live in orbit and shoot nuclear missles at each other.

    Trumpists will look you straight-in-the-eye and, tell you that trump and the the republicans, have slowed down nuclear in spite of the facts 

    The big lie is that Trump and republicans have been against nuclear. 
    1.they gave 200millions for small reactors

    2. They started Uranium Mining in the Grand Canyon and that area and opened up an area there for another huge uranium mine

    3. They are intent on implementing a multitrillion dollar nuclear space force.

    4. They introduced 56 billion package to subsidize old reactors that could be shut down and deregulate supervision of older dangerous reactors.

    5. Trump allocated a trillion dollars to upgrade the nuclear arsenal

    I tell ya I must live between 2 parallel universes because, i get up in the morning and look at somethings on the internet, and get the feeling, that everything i know is wrong. Just like the comedy album says. 


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