Why We Need Decentralized Renewable Energy to Power the World #auspol #qldpol #nswpol #NEG #StopAdani #NoNewCoal


Hydro plant, Sumba, Indonesia. Credit: Josh Estey/Hivos

As the energy sector is transforming, there is a growing consensus that sustainable energy is a catalyst for achieving most Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): it is crucial for better health, education, jobs, food production and conservation, as well as water use and quality.

Today, 1 billion people still live without access to electricity and 3 billion have no access to clean cooking fuels.

This transformation involves decentralized solutions that are changing how people interact with each other and their energy providers. It influences the role of citizens not only as consumers but also as “prosumers” or energy entrepreneurs.

Access to energy

Access to energy is not just an end in itself. It is also a stepping stone to overcome two major challenges the world is facing:

• mitigating climate change and degradation of natural resources

• ensuring that all people everywhere are able to take charge of their…

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