2 thoughts on “Mike Pence Tries To Make Space Force Sound Less Dumb – YouTube”

  1. There very well are strong energy weapons, xray lasers, etc etc. The crazy suks wanna detonate nukes in space.
    Why would they use expensive xray lasers etc for fires, when punk arsonists with matches and flammables can do worse, in current conditions?

    Crom th Conversation

    “Global warming is happening
    To understand the interplay between global warming and wildfires, consider what’s happening to our planet.

    The composition of the atmosphere is changing from human activities: There has been over a 40 percent increase in carbon dioxide, mainly from fossil fuel burning since the 1800s, and over half of the increase is since 1985. Other heat-trapping gases (methane, nitrous oxide, etc.) are also increasing in concentration in the atmosphere from human activities. The rates are accelerating, not declining (as hoped for with the Paris agreement).

    This leads to an energy imbalance for the planet.

    The flows of energy through the climate system are schematically illustrated with numbers on the top-of-atmosphere values and net energy imbalance at the surface. Trenberth et al 2009
    Heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere act as a blanket and inhibit the infrared radiation – that is, heat from the Earth – from escaping back into space to offset the continual radiation coming from the sun. As these gases build up, more of this energy, mostly in the form of heat, remains in our atmosphere. The energy raises the temperature of the land, oceans and atmosphere, melts ice, thaws permafrost, and fuels the water cycle through evaporation.

    Moreover, we can estimate Earth’s energy imbalance quite well: It amounts to about 1 watt per square meter, or about 500 terawatts globally.

    While this factor is small compared with the natural flow of energy through the system, which is 240 watts per square meter, it is large compared with all other direct effects of human activities. For instance, the electrical power generation in the U.S. last year averaged 0.46 terawatts.

    The extra heat is always the same sign and it is spread across the globe. Accordingly, where this energy accumulates matters.”


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