Trump’s Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes

We live in a state of perpetual war, and we never feel it. While you get your gelato at the hip place where they put those cute little mint leaves on the side, someone is being bombed in your name. While you argue with the 17-year-old at the movie theater who gave you a small popcorn when you paid for a large, someone is being obliterated in your name. While we sleep and eat and make love and shield our eyes on a sunny day, someone’s home, family, life and body are being blown into a thousand pieces in our names.

Once every 12 minutes.

The United States military drops an explosive with a strength you can hardly comprehend once every 12 minutes. And that’s odd, because we’re technically at war with—let me think—zero countries. So that should mean zero bombs are being dropped, right?

via Truthdig Trump’s Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes

One thought on “Trump’s Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes”

  1. Cheney had a nuclear attack set for Iran. If iraq had not gone so badly they would have. Pnac and wolfowitz said it was next . They have never not followed through. Right now there are 300,000 troops mobilized around iran. There are really 2 carrier strike forces, in range. There will be a tactical nuclear hit on iran. We will not know the full extent, till later.


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