Saudi Arabia & Tesla — Perfect or Disastrous Bedfellows? | CleanTechnica

Accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, PIF needs to find a partner who is at the beginning of some wicked upward mobility. The problem is, there aren’t many attractive partners out there. Furthermore, PIF needs to find someone who will thrive even if its oil business erodes — or as its oil business erodes.

[Side note: I don’t know how to work this into the extended metaphor, so I’ll just be more direct about it. Actually, I’ll quote a top CleanTechnica advisor, who offered this thoughtful commentary on the situation: “The Saudis can pump oil the longest, even when all others are priced out (since they have the cheapest oil). So, what’s the best strategy on the Saudi side to sell most of their oil? Ironically, it could be pricing out all others very early and lowering demand aggressively (so they reduce the risk of very aggressive sudden climate action). When you look at it in terms of “capturing the largest size of the carbon budget,” it makes a lot of sense. When you look at this, as an oil producer, how do you get the largest share of the remaining budget (depending also on your own reserves and production cost)?”]

In the end, PIF has looked far and wide and found a handful of likely partners, but perhaps none as enticing, inspiring, and promising as Tesla. PIF now has moved into the Palo Alto condo and is trying its hardest to woo Tesla. Can you think of anything you’d be more inclined to do if you were in PIF’s shoes?

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