Opinion: Tesla’s CEO needs help, but will he take it?

Some observers have suggested that Twitter is the problem, and inside reports suggest that the company’s board has asked Musk to stay off Twitter. Looking at Musk’s feed suggests he has backed off tweeting about the company somewhat.

The internet age, coupled with Musk’s informality in general, have combined to give onlookers insight into the CEO’s grandly ambitious yet vulnerable mind.

By most accounts, Musk is a difficult visionary of the kind often required to launch and build world-changing companies, especially one such as Tesla with a mission to overturn one of the dominant paradigms of a century and overthrow the hegemony of one of the largest and most entrenched industries in the world.

via Greencarreports Opinion: Tesla’s CEO needs help, but will he take it?

4 thoughts on “Opinion: Tesla’s CEO needs help, but will he take it?”

  1. A] I think he has a huge coke habit …. no sleep wild ups and downs, paranoia and inflated ego. This comes from life experience as an underling of these maniacs.

    B] “world changing company” is conflated claim by many [many investors] who think they can buzz around in a personal luxury car instead of having to be seated next to someone of a darker color on public transport.
    The electricity powering these cars isn’t “clean”. It is harmful nuke energy, coal and gas plants. But the drivers can spout their “clean” claims while they live in mansions with no sidewalks within miles.

    Clean transportation is bicycle. Get off your lard ass, Silicon Valley.


    1. The goal of just about all EV owners is to power their cars with 100 percent clean energy from water, wind or solar. There are multiple ways to do this. Signing up with utility company to buy only renewable energy is one way. Putting solar panels on the roof is another way. EV’s are just one step on the way to breaking the fossil fuel and nuclear addiction.

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      1. for local trips, I still favor the bike.
        I am really waiting for all the SUV drivers who threw trash at me and screamed “Go to China!” while commuting by bike, to suffer intensely as the planet burns.
        Since they are the most clueless, they will be the most taken aback.

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  2. I ride a bike everywhere. When I see a lardass at walmart 15 years my junior, on the verge of a heart attack, yelling ay someone because they could not get closer parking, i just have to laugh.

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