Over 63,000 Russian Troops Have Fought in Syria Since 2015

(MEMO) — The Russian military has revealed that over 63,000 troops from its armed forces have fought in Syria since Moscow entered the conflict in 2015, involvement that has turned the tide of the war in the regime’s favour.

The deployment has included some 434 generals over the past three years, and about 90 percent of Russian combat pilots have flown in Syria. The Russian military has also used the conflict to test some of its most advanced weapons, including its latest jets and cruise missiles.

The figures have been revealed after US National Security Adviser John Bolton yesterday stated that Russia was “stuck” in Syria, alleging that Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Trump administration that Moscow could not bring about the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria.

via Anti Media Over 63,000 Russian Troops Have Fought in Syria Since 2015

This Syria war is basically a WORLD WAR, being fought in one country. Many countries are involved. This is the only way war today can be fought, without using nuclear weapons and going all out to win via their use.

The cover story is that this is a war against terrorism, but many of those sending troops to Syria are also paying terrorist groups on all sides to help them ‘win’.