Tourism Business Came to a “Slamming Stop” Due To Toxic Red Tide In Florida

Business Came to a “Slamming Stop”

According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune, in one week, in Sarasota, Florida — the jewel of the west coast of Florida — the economic impact was estimated at $931,294 just among tourism companies. ONE WEEK. The article reports that tourism came to a “slamming stop.”

That impact is multiplied over lost tourism dollars to ancillary businesses that support the tourism industry: grocery stores, retail stories, Sarasota’s local arts scene (very much a vital part of our community), realtors, contractors, Uber/taxi drivers…anything that a tourist might impact during their stay. According to local resident, Rachel Revehl, a reporter and concerned citizen who attended a Ft. Myers Town Hall with state and health officials in early August (and reported on Facebook):

—-This current bloom stretches some 30 miles offshore. It also is expected to continue THROUGH 2019(!!!). In a single sail 15 miles offshore, captains reported 20 dead tarpon, dozens of dead cobia fish (known to be an incredibly hearty species) and 1000s of dead baitfish. This is in addition to what we’ve seen wash up on our shores in Fort Myers, Sanibel-Captiva and Cape Coral, which includes hundreds of sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, stingrays, sharks, Goliath groupers and even a whale shark. These kinds of larger animals aren’t typically affected this way by normal red tide. All panelists & captains agreed this is the worst this problem has ever been – but also that it’s likely to continue occurring at this magnitude unless we take decisive action.

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