Research Shows That A Low-Carbon Future Will Be A 100% Renewable Future | CleanTechnica

There are multiple academic approaches to the inevitable transformation to a 100% renewable future. They overlap and provide strong support for thesis that electrical generation, and by extension all primary energy needs, will be met by a combination of renewables. The four this article will cover briefly are the work of Dr. Jacobson of Stanford, the IPCC perspective, Dr. Mark Diesendorf’s work from Australia, and finally a gloss on the current state of large-scale grid integration and transmission.

The most obvious example of a strong academic approach to a 100% renewable solution is Dr. Mark Jacobson and team’s work from Stanford. In 2017, they took their model for renewable generation for all 50 US states, and extended it to the majority of the countries in the world.  Jacobson et al show clearly that transitioning to 100% renewables is viable by 2050.

via Research Shows That A Low-Carbon Future Will Be A Renewable Future | CleanTechnica