US Air Force Tests Upgraded ‘Earth-Penetrating’ Nuclear Bomb –

The US Air Force sent out a B-2 stealth bomber to deploy an upgraded B61-12 nuclear bomb recently in an effort to review the weapon’s accuracy and ability to carry out its various attack options.

According to Warrior Maven, the latest upgrades enable the nuclear bomb to be able to carry out “earth-penetrating attacks, low-yield strikes, high-yield attacks, above surface detonation and bunker-buster options,” giving the Air Force a five-in-one kind of deal.

“The main advantage of the B61-12 is that it packs all the gravity bomb capabilities against all the targeting scenarios into one bomb,” Hans Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project, told the website. “That spans from very low-yield tactical ‘clean’ use with low fallout to more dirty attacks against underground targets.”

via US Air Force Tests Upgraded ‘Earth-Penetrating’ Nuclear Bomb – Sputnik International

All that this accomplishes is increasing the risk of someone like Trump actually using a nuclear bomb and thus starting a global nuclear war, which will result in MAD Mutually Assured Destruction.

Got insanity?