Under Fully-Automated Communism, Your Wage Is $90 Per Hour (Says Math)

The final figure presented by this reader is what a US worker’s wage could be if (1) the full value of all US goods, services, and information was paid to the people who actually produced them and (2) if already-existing labor-saving technology was fully utilized to reduce the total US work-hours. In principle, there is nothing to prevent US society from simply paying its working people the full value of their labor and using public funds to gradually implement labor-saving tech in order to increase the productivity of all its industries. It is only capitalism that holds such a world in abeyance.

So long as the means to produce wealth remain in private hands — so long as public funds are directed in the interest of capital and not of the public purpose — people like Jeff Bezos will keep appropriating the fruits of labor and automation will never liberate but only un-employ people. There is no problem with scarcity — there is a problem with humanity’s social organization and with its institutions. There is no failure in our production of economic values — even now they are being produced to abundance (maybe even over-abundance). The math above shows that, if it could be allowed, this country can afford to pay a wage just shy of $100 to every human being who is willing to work.

It is only the obscenely wealthy whom we stretch and strain to afford…

via John Laurits Under Fully-Automated Communism, Your Wage Is $90 Per Hour (Says Math)