I Met a Trump Supporter in Tokyo

One of the millennials then tried to iron over the situation by saying “Well I think we can all say that something has changed in the GOP…” and the older gentlemen, raising his voice, said “Yeah, FINALLY, and for the BETTER!” Then he got even louder “I think WE ALL should at least be able to say that under Trump there has been a MAJOR turn around, but ALL OF YOU don’t know it because the MSM won’t tell you!” Our beers had just arrived, so I lightened the tension by offering a toast to sex, religion and politics- joking that we can talk about religion or sex next. That was enough to change the subject.

Something struck me, however, about his choice of words. They’ve been rattling around in my head since then. These people really believe there has been a turnaround. I had a similar conversation with my Trump-loving brother. They simply don’t allow the fact that the turn-around started in 2009. I’ll even acknowledge that Trump’s tax cuts did accelerate growth some, but of course that requires also acknowledging that debt-funded tax cuts are stimulus, and one has to question the prudence of this kind off stimulus when the economy is already strong and unemployment already low. And this doesn’t even take into account the impact of escalating trade wars, Brexit or the long term changes that may come as America abdicates it’s central leadership role in the global world order. Of course, the conversation never ventured near this. He just believes there was a turn-around, due to Trump, in 2016, and was ready to ruin everyone’s evening to make his point.

My curiosity was piqued, though, and later in the night while strolling along I carefully quizzed him on a couple topics. First I asked about QAnon. He pretended that he had only barely heard about QAnon, but then went on to describe the Q conspiracies in detail. This is EXACTLY what my brother did. So they know this stuff makes them look crazy, but they really believe it. Then I asked, “If you were on that jury, would you convict Manafort?” He was quick to respond, “No way in HELL!” When I asked about the strength of the evidence, he did a typical conservative two-step. He claimed that it was a witch hunt, that the evidence was faked by the deep state, that the crimes were ancient, and they’re crimes people do all the time anyway, like speeding tickets, and of course, Hillary. These are incompatible arguments. You can make one or two of them together, but you can’t make them all together. But this affirmed something I have felt pretty strongly. That one woman on the Manafort jury, who was a Trump supporter but voted to convict based on the evidence, is not the norm. She’s the exception.

via Daily Kos I Met a Trump Supporter in Tokyo