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Climate change is World War III, and we are leaderless

By David Shearman

“World War III is well and truly underway.

And we are losing,” writes environmental activist Bill McKibben, so when Malcolm Turnbull implied that the insurgency that demolished his government was based on climate ideology, what lessons are there for Scott Morrison?

As a child in Britain during WWII, I lived in a street of mothers and children.

Every father was away fighting.

Each house and garden was surrounded by a metal palisade fence.

One morning the fences were gone, mother was delighted.

Then a horse and cart came and took away every metal cooking pot and pan, some treasured, but mother smiled at her sacrifice.

It was difficult for me to understand.

She had responded to the call from Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraft Production, for the women of Britain to: “Give us your aluminium…

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