Americans still want better fuel economy, survey says

Just as the Trump administration moves to roll back fuel economy standards, a new survey shows that Americans are dissatisfied with the fuel economy their cars already get.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index survey for cars was released Tuesday, and among the 10 attributes the survey studied, fuel economy ranked last among factors Americans’ found satisfying about their cars.

Not only that, but people’s satisfaction with the fuel economy in their cars fell a point compared with last year.

Since the federal government began increasing fuel economy standards for cars in 2012 (and 2007 for trucks), fuel economy has risen by 13 percent for cars and 22 percent for trucks. Yet American still aren’t satisfied with the gas mileage the cars get, according to the ACSI survey.

via Green Car Reports – Americans still want better fuel economy, survey says

Trump; moving the US in the WRONG DIRECTION, YET AGAIN.