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  1. TeriAugust 28, 2018 at 1:38 AM
    Trump is sticking very close to the neoconservative playbook of George w Bush. The same playbook initiated by PNAC and arch neoconservatives Bolton, Wolfowitz, Rumsfield and Cheney. The playbook that allowed them to do.911 which Trump.was privy to. The playbook that allowed them to illegally invade iraq. To desroy iraq along with most of the ancient antquities there.
    WHAT DOES ALTRIGHT MEAN? Do you feel sickened by this cutesy meme that turned out to be such a grotesque lie?
    It means extreme right ie
    1. White suprememacy : white nationalism , whites are superior. Whites should have more rights than others more property more priviledge
    2. Dissolution of the Founding Fathers, lockian and, enlightenment philosophies of liberal democracies . The philosophies, that contain allowances for commons and, established rights and, protections for ordinary hard-working-people . Not just the priviledged. THE GREAT CIVIL LIBERTARIAN JOHN LOCKE WOULD BE ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE!
    Rights that eventally led to humanitarian ideals. Ideals of public education, libraries, national parks. Rights that came from hard fought battles for public health and consumer protectections. Frameworks for safe work environments. Habeas corpus. Making child labor and exploitation illegal. There is a big difference between John Lockes ideals and ayn rands fascism
    3. Following the KOCH BROTHERS philosophy of absolute domination of the country, by the corporate monopolies and billionaire class. The corporate interests. Mussolini put it this way, extreme corporatism.
    4. Dissolution of protections of the public, from corporate abuse and criminality. Corporate personhood. Citizens united. Like trumps proposal to abolish all epa laws, created to keep corporations from poisoning us to death. Trumps abandonment of regulations, even for nuclear power plants and nuclear waste. Such absurd irresponsibility and malevolance in the face of fukushima. Trump supports Abe and, his export of radioactive food. Abes reopening of dangerous reactors un Japan.
    5. Dissolution of protection of life support systems on the planet. Subsidizing and encouraging corporations, in the country to further pollute, with massive hydrocarbon burning. Quadrillions of gasoline yearly. They encourage and, subsidize the ongoing ubiquitous poisoning of our water with fracking and pesticides. They encourage fascist government over-reach in subsidizing coal, oil, nuclear, while regulating renewables out of existence.
    6. They say you can trust the corporations to shutdown reactors and cleanup nuclear waste. A horrible lie. They never do. Corporations always walk away or declare bankrupsy . They simply leave the shit there to poison everyone.
    Look at san onofre or in the St alouis landfill. As long as there are nuclear bombs there will be nuclear reactors in murica.
    The corporations keep lobbying to keep the worse nuclear reactors, open. These same crooked nuclear corporations, say the lights will go out without the nuclear reactors. They rig the system, against renewables. Renewables would be an economic rennaisance in america, as the radionuclide apocolypse is encouraged and fully funded to make the elites more rich.
    7. Extreme climate denial, to the point of clownish-nonsensical propaganda and cultish conspiracy memes.
    8. More racism through propaganda memes, like cutural marxism.
    9. The cultivation of consumer and ownership society society meme. A meme. that does not come close to giving people ownership, only more wall street scams and banking bubbles.
    10. The enforcement of their fake laissez-faire economic principals on the rest of the world. It is done through murderous strong-arming and nuclear threats . They say, they are anti-big government yet, they somehow always have a justification for nuclear weapons.
    All for the promotion of their brand of extreme exploitative and extractive capitalism. The capitalism, they claim that is necessary, for liberty .
    11. They hippocritically, fund the huge military industrial complex and the deep state that goes with it. They lie about how much it costs. They fund it, through the enslavement of many americans.
    A massive complex, that involves nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors are necessary, to continue producing nuclear weapons of mass destruction, that can never really be used. They have justified their nuclear bombs and military complex, nuclear reactors, in the past as a means to interfere in other countries politics.
    Other countries politics, that they do not consider, capitalistic or neoliberal enough.
    The ramifications of nuclear armament, entail maintainting, a massive infrastrucure to create nuclear weapons. A massive-military industrial complex and weapons complex, for nuclear weapon logistics.
    Nuclear weapons that can never really be used. All done, to maintain the illusion, to the many, of their superiority, power and material wealth on the world stage.
    12. All in all, the altright-new-world-order is not so completely different, from the new world order, first proposed by George Bush Senior and, carried on till trump. Just a lot more lies, bullshit and malevolence to it. with the most base racism, exploitation, meanness and fraud to carry it along.
    13. Disregard for nature, and natures most beautiful creatures. The embelishment of the wholesale slaughter of the last of earths most splendid creatures: Grizzlies, lions, wolves, buffalos, carribou, mountain lions, giraffe etc etc

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