Incidence of Childhood Cancers Skyrockets: Is Modern Life Destroying the Health of Our Children? • World Mercury Project

No one really likes to talk about cancer, and childhood cancers are an especially unpalatable topic of conversation. Yet the fact is that cancers are among the top four causes of death for both children and adults. The newest U.S. cancer statistics for young people (under 20 years old), which cover the years 2001–2014, point to steadily increasing rates of pediatric cancer over that time period.

In recent articles and presentations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers have showed that new childhood cancers are most likely to occur in the very youngest age group (birth to age 4) as well as in 15-19-year-olds and are more likely to arise in boys than girls. The CDC research also indicates that the surge in childhood cancers is driven by increased rates of certain cancers: brain, kidney, liver and thyroid. Pediatric brain tumor rates are increasing across Europe as well. Conventional entities such as the American Cancer Society offer no explanation for the increased childhood cancer rates, feebly asserting that “there are few known risk factors for childhood cancer” other than exposure to ionizing radiation. However, this disingenuous statement completely ignores the increasingly toxic environment in which we unreasonably expect children to thrive—and the many known and suspected carcinogens in that environment that may be ratcheting up children’s cancer risks, perhaps synergistically.

Beginning prenatally, children are being bombarded with more toxic exposures than they can handle. Is it any surprise that toddlers under age four are one of the age groups most affected by pediatric cancers? Cell phones and a glyphosate-riddled food supply are two of the most ubiquitous and egregious exposures, but there are others as well. Clearly, as World Mercury Project has discussed before, another critical influence is the out-of-control vaccine schedule that regularly inundates immature immune systems with toxic metals and carcinogenic chemicals—along with contaminants that include glyphosate! Stephanie Seneff has observed that the severity of reactions to the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine has increased in tandem with greater use of glyphosate on U.S. crops and that glyphosate contamination in vaccines can trigger an autoimmune attack on the nerve fibers in the brain, causing autism-like symptoms.

Ultimately, whether discussing cell phone radiationglyphosate, vaccines, heavy metals or any other chemicals, most independent researchers agree that precautionary measures are urgently needed—for everyone, but especially for children.

via Incidence of Childhood Cancers Skyrockets: Is Modern Life Destroying the Health of Our Children? • World Mercury Project