Life is Greater than Your Logic | Heavenletters

Goodness knows, I’ve heard plenty of palaver about karma, for instance. To you, clearly, karma doesn’t come from a benevolent God. You may see karma as retribution. You want Me to make up My mind. Am I a God of love or not? Or, am I really more like you, unable to shake off the past and let go of holding grudges tight, as if I require a duel with you in order to gain satisfaction?

Let Me give you some sage advice. Even as karma may seem unworthy of a God of love, even as you may see karma as bullying most unfair, why are you harping on it?

If karma is or is not, you don’t have to keep it on your mind. Dear One, you don’t have think about it. Let go of it and move on with life. Take a vacation from unrest about karma or anything else worrisome you might carry around with you. You are all taken care of, and all is well. You don’t know everything, Beloveds. Know I am not out to get you caught up in any difficulty. Look at life differently, if you please.

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