The Oil and Gas Industry Wants Us to Protect It From Global Warming Caused Climate Change | NRDC

Nevertheless, there’s a rich and infuriating irony to this particular set of circumstances. For decades, the oil and gas industry has forcefully spewed out misleading statements and anti-science cynicism in regard to the role that fossil fuels play in causing climate change. During that same time, the American public has heard denialist lawmakers call climate change a hoax, or falsely insist that if it does exist, it has little or nothing to do with the oil we continue to extract, produce, consume, and burn at record levels.

Now these two groups are working together, demanding that the American taxpayers—70 percent of whom believe in climate science—pay $16 billion to help protect the literal machinery of our own self-destruction.

via The Oil and Gas Industry Wants Us to Protect It From Climate Change | NRDC

Yet, the Koch funded denial machine continues to churn out the denialist propaganda that global warming does not exist.. The war on Nature and humanity continues.

Anything not sustainable is TERMINAL.