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Beloved, what breath of fresh air has arrived today to bless you? Delight in today’s blessings, yet not as a possession owed to you, but for you to receive humbly. You are deserving. Know it. Know this: Your blessings today are blessed gifts that find their way to you. Today may rightfully feel the way the Holy of Holies you have heard about may feel like. Well, why not? This may well make sense to you.

Please know that you are at the right place at the right time. You are meant to be here at this precise moment to ensure that these blessings catch up to you right on this day. All My blessings are meant to reach you on a day like this. Every blessing you receive on any day is rightfully yours. There are no accidents. Punishment is not exacted from you no matter what is bruited about it in the daily newspaper.

The days are real when you can cry out in exultation: “Glory be to God from Whom all blessings flow. Thank You, God. Thank You, thank You. Thank You, God.”

At these moments, enjoy the rising impulse to repay the favor to the Universe and to Me, God, Who grants you such blessings delivered through the hands and words of so-called ordinary mortals. You do not make a big deal of your blessings, as if you are a wonder of wonders, even as you are! Stand straight and let go of your ownership as a matter of course. Be glad and grateful that you are you as you are and how life reaches you today, can you?

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