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It could be said that it was Christ’s love that healed, yet I take caution in saying this, for Christ’s union of love goes beyond what is generally called love. There was no striving for love. There were no professions for love or hints of being loving or attaining a quality of love. Love was the same as the Sun’s coming out. The Sun shone. Oneness was palpable.

There was no waiting for a healing or urging healing energy to come. Christ’s healings were healings of Consciousness. There was nothing examined under a microscope.
There was no seeking a trace of illness. Christ didn’t run away from looking at illness. He simply saw from a higher view.

Something real passes through during a passage of healing. What passes is not an attempt at Union. It is Union. Something happens. Whatever happens isn’t a learned activity. We can say that it is a gift of Oneness that passes between two beautiful souls without any to-do, the same way two stars may light the night on Earth.

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