Japan’s nuclear power supply system a weak link in times of disaster | The Japan Times

Japan’s power supply system a weak link in times of disaster | The Japan Times

Officials at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry told reporters the utility lacked a contingency plan for the failure of all three of Tomato Atsuma’s generators — echoing the lack of emergency planning that caused massive problems at the Fukushima plant. Hokkaido Electric had only anticipated the possible loss of up to a third of peak power demand, or up to 1.3 million kilowatts, they said.

Likely mindful of complaints over the handling of the aftermath of the 2011 disaster by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., operator of the Fukushima plant, Seko ordered Hokkaido Electric to be sure to provide quick and thorough updates.

Japan’s nuclear regulator said that external power was restored at Tomari, Hokkaido’s only nuclear power plant, after it temporarily switched Thursday to backup generators to power cooling systems for spent fuel from its three reactors.

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Solar, water and wind power plus geothermal energy do not go ‘out’ after an earthquake like nuclear does. Neither do they melt down or blow up as nuclear does.

Why does Japan keep on messing around with a toxic, deadly, genocidal killing machine? Fukushima was a lesson to get rid of all nuclear power and all nuclear weapons.

Sadly, it seems humanity needs another darker and more severe lesson in the dangers posed by the nuclear monopoly.

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