Stay Within Your Own Grace | Heavenletters

Stay Within Your Own Grace | Heavenletters

Beloved, there are days when you are stretched beyond your endurance, and you really have to slow down and cool down. If you have a limit, then stay within your limit.

If you need more rest, get more rest. If you need peace and quiet, give yourself more peace and quiet. You know enough not to speed on the highway. Then also know enough not to go beyond the speed limit in your life. When you feel pressured, reduce the pressure. What I say to you is: “Peace be unto to you.”

When you need to cool off, cool off. When you need to lean back, lean back. It isn’t for you to get hot under the collar. When enough is enough, it is enough. Be your own referee. Don’t extend beyond your own grace. Take a break from over-extending yourself. When you are due to give life a break, give life a break.

Resurrect peace to the world. Don’t find yourself rubbing the world the wrong way. When you are required to bring peace to the world, give the world all the peace it needs. Don’t flare up.

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