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Let us be clear that FFVs have always been inherently inefficient, dirty, and polluting, but have not been appropriately sanctioned for their pernicious effects in the past. The previously weak regulatory environment was what allowed, for example, the diesel emissions scandal to occur, and other ways of gaming the system to become part of the culture of the industry. The new stricter regime takes things a step in the right direction for the health of our societies and environment. Several previously popular model variants of FFVs have already fallen foul of their own stink, and either been cancelled outright, have not yet passed the new higher testing regime bar, or have had to be modified to produce lower power than previously, to lower their real world emissions.

The ever increasing costs of purchasing and owning FFVs only go to make EVs look relatively more attractive. As the cost of FFVs gets ever more expensive (both environmentally, and on your wallet), the cost of EVs is getting ever less expensive. Batteries and other powertrain components are quickly getting cheaper as manufacturing and know-how scales, and electricity production is turning increasingly to renewables, making the exact same EV less damaging to the environment over time. Meanwhile all FFVs belch out more pollution as they age (and get more expensive to maintain). Related to this deferentially graceful ageing, there’s also the depreciation component of FFVs vs. EVs. This is starting to turn in favor of the latter (we’ll be doing an in-depth analysis of this soon), despite what Kelly Blue Book and other industry stalwarts would like you to think. The truth is, on a total cost-of-ownership basis, especially considering FFVs’ depreciation and coming obsolescence, in the face of the ever tightening emissions context, many the current generation of EVs are already cheaper overall than equivalent FFVs. Savvy folks know this and are queuing up for EVs in droves.

via Dirty Reality Catching Up With Fossil Fuel Vehicles | CleanTechnica %Dirty

The disruption is now hitting the fan among the ‘good old boys’ club, which refuses to change and is being left behind by Tesla EV’s.

Will they make it through this very rough patch of white water?