Set Yourself Free from Ownership | Heavenletters

Set Yourself Free from Ownership | Heavenletters

Beloved, you may ask: “Dear God, do you mean I like the status of knowing You somewhat at a distance?”

Yes, you may feel stolen by Me, whereas, you give yourself away to the world as grist for the mill. Give yourself away to Me left and right. Share yourself with others, yet not abandon yourself to others. Let others go. This means to let them be free. Hold on tightly to no one. Expect not quite so much from others. Set yourself free. Be enchained to no one. Love, yet not be dependent upon being loved. Love isn’t being attached. Set the birds of wonder free.

There is nothing superb in feeling Oneness doubled. Oneness is wondrance. Oneness and its love are the greatest thing that is known in Heaven and on Earth. Earthbound isn’t more than Oneness. Earthbound is a diversion that can be taken as a diversion. Illusions are not to be believed in or worshiped.

To believe in Me and nothing separate from Me is recognizing Oneness in all its glory.

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