Trump Is Screwing Over the People Who Got Him Elected – VICE

Trump Is Screwing Over the People Who Got Him Elected – VICE

Donald Trump won the presidency because, for all his lies, he told a certain kind of truth. “The Republican nominee is selling an apocalyptic vision—the US as an impoverished hellscape beset by bloodthirsty urban anarchists, a terrorist fifth column, and the machinations of globalist elites,” is how CNN’s Jeremy King put it in October 2016. The hellscape was particularly acute when it came to the economy. “Many Pennsylvania towns once thriving and humming are now in a state of despair,” Trump said during a June 2016 speech in Elkhart, Indiana. The narrative he painted didn’t match up with cold hard statistics, but it nonetheless felt true to voters in the Midwest who didn’t think the recovery Barack Obama presided over had touched their lives. Those voters, in no small part, carried Trump to his narrow victory.

Now that Trump is president, his narrative has flipped and he’s singing a song about how great the American economy is doing. But the version of the truth he told during the campaign continues to be as true as it ever was. People have been left behind. And Trump is making it worse.

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  1. Fuko the clown amd its nazi, white supremacist and fascist billionaire backers, stole it’s way into power with promises of poisoning the shit out of things, more nuclear weapon and power bs. Coal poisoning. Now the economy is worse and the world is worse. All of its dumn whitetrash nazis, like Spencer are bankrupt. Only about 1 percent of the nonrich population are white nationalists like fuko. They lied, they cheated their way into power and made their constituents way worse off! The the dumn sukers are still trying to push the impressiom, that this hugley melting pot society ever supported, the grotesquely evil systems of racist oppression, genocide and apartheid they are gaslighting us with.. 

    There is no humanly discernable-genetic differerence between different ethnicities on earth. We all bleed red blood. Yet some of the genetically damaged nucleoape, warmonger-moorlocks from the northern hemisphere, keep their criminal bs going. It Will not fly in multiethnic US.

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