Bob Woodward on Donald Trump in ‘Fear’: Is it time to feel afraid?

Bob Woodward on Donald Trump in ‘Fear’: Is it time to feel afraid?

Since details of the book leaked, some see those aides as protecting the country. Others warn they are undermining the Constitution by defying the decisions of the duly elected president.

Woodward insisted he doesn’t take a side in that debate. “Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? I just want to find out what happened,” he said. “Now it’s the political system’s turn, isn’t it?” He noted that during Watergate it was Congress that launched the Senate Watergate Committee and moved toward adopting articles of impeachment against Nixon, prompting him to resign.

But Woodward added this: “I think people better wake up to the nature of the war on truth and its consequence.”

via USA Today Bob Woodward on Donald Trump in ‘Fear’: Is it time to feel afraid?

6 thoughts on “Bob Woodward on Donald Trump in ‘Fear’: Is it time to feel afraid?”

  1. Bob woodward began his career as an intelligence officer. Never gave it up. Covered for dick cheney in the plume investigation . Please just stop


  2. It was during the scooter libby nonsense. Not too hard to find. Bob woodward was an unshrouded intelligence officer many years before he became a reporter. Look it up. Thwre are spooks and operatives on the internet. None here. Their sheep too. Iori had a few japanese spooks on his chatbox. Thats probly all thats left at enenews. Patheic nazi bastards. Thwy even have the call to atill qoute blatant white supremacist sites


      1. Because the cia plays good cop bad cop. The deep state doe not want things to go hard right or hard left. They try to preserve the illusion of democracy. Chris busby had his place searched and ransacked. Murica really became a police state when the psychopath truman incinerated 200,000 in hiroshima. He knew what hed done. Then the psychotic bastard did worse to nagasaki. 1000 nuclear bombs exploded on its own people in murica doc. They do not give a shit. They spend far more on spooks than than the soviets ever did. Sadly,You are right about a great deal of the msm. It is vetted through the deep state. Trillions on spooks with 20 million homeless and half the country impoverished. N3w low in human depravity


      2. Good way to look at it.. polar opposites always fighting with each other, maintaining the illusion of freedom, but with absolute control and no democracy. Yet, the Oneness still exists and is underneath it all, with no threat to it at all. The grand illusion persists, but the ultimate truth is always there.


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