Warmonger John Bolton’s Rage – Stephen Lendman

Warmonger John Bolton’s Rage – Stephen Lendman

On Monday, Bolton’s address at the extremist right wing Federalist Society sounded like something out of Joseph Goebbels’ playbook.

He raged against the International Criminal Court (ICC), calling it “ineffective, unaccountable, and indeed, outright dangerous” – absurdly accusing the court of “assault(ing) the constitutional rights of the American people and the sovereignty of the United States.”

Established by the Rome Statute on July 1, 2002, it’s mandated to prosecute individuals for genocide and aggression, as well as crimes of war and against humanity.

Instead of fulfilling its mandate, it operates as an imperial tool, supporting powerful interests, targeting officials in independent states Washington and other Western nations oppose.

It lets America, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners get away with mass murder – never holding any of their officials accountable for the highest of high crimes, prosecuting their victims alone.

In August 2002, the American Service Members’ Protection Act (aka The Hague Invasion Act) was enacted into US law.

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    • There is desparation. There is massive homelessness gangenous-corruption in the air in murica. It smells like rotting and dying flesh. The stench of a dying society. Deserts of reason. Lala-land before the storm.
      Japan is just crashing. I was there last week. People know it is over. People know they are all sick. People know their govt is fake they know things will get worse. Same in Murica.

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