Tesla Model 3 Sales Soar

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Best-Selling-Cars-in-August Car Sales by Revenue – August 2018

Media: Elon Musk smokes Joint.

I’ll have what he’s having.


Despite intense media scrutiny around Tesla’s Model 3 “production hell” ramp, and Elon Musk’s take-Tesla-private drama, Tesla now has the #1 best selling car in the US. You may think that was a typo, but read on.

Tesla has finally executed on its vision of bringing a truly mass market car to the US, with solid results in July and August pointing to a record third quarter. In August, Tesla’s Model 3 became a top 5 best selling car in the US by units, behind popular cars from Toyota and Honda that start at less than $25,000, compared to Tesla’s current starting price of $49,000. (Note: The car category does not include SUVs and trucks.)

lthough Tesla did not exceed other gasoline cars in terms of unit sales, it was by…

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