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This was never right, and never can it be righted. Your perception may be accurate, yet it is never right for you to feel wronged. It turns your heart smack towards the dial of resentment.

Absolutely, by a long shot, it is incorrect for you to feel virtuous by having been wronged. It is wrongful of you to feel wronged. It is not beneficial for you to feel triumphant to having been short-changed.

Then you are the one unfair to yourself. No matter however long you have been feeling wronged, it is an injustice to you. This is most certainly not what I signed you up for.

Let go of this omission. Probably you are up to your neck in trying to be compensated. When this is the case, it’s hard to let go. Grudges are not easy to be done with. They tend to keep piling up. You keep looking for them everywhere. You may not make them happen, yet you play a part in storing them up.

By all means, get into the position of expecting the best. In this case, your odds will well be better. Why not increase your best chances? Bet on yourself at least somewhat. Stick with Me, Beloved.

Have you been mounting up despair rather than letting go of it? Does it mean so much to you that you must keep heartache close to you, Beloved?

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