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In 2016, founder of, Bill McKibben1, in The New Republic, has stated that World War 3 is under way, and we are losing.

John Rumney, John Pratt & Bill McKibben in Port Douglas recently

He believes we are under attack from climate change and our only hope is to mobilise as we did in fighting World War 2.

He likened the war to one on many fronts with ‘behind the lines’ outbreaks of fires, floods, disease and coral bleaching2.

It has been clear for decades that global warming is happening and human activity is to blame.

Back in 1990, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)3 produced its First Assessment Report, and in the executive summary of that report, they stated that under business-as-usual, estimated temperature rise from pre-industrial levels (taken as 1765) to the year 2030 would be between 1.3°C and 2.8°C, with a best estimate of 2.0°C.


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