How to Stop Emotionally Reacting and Start Consciously Responding – Karma Yoga Daily

How to Stop Emotionally Reacting and Start Consciously Responding – Karma Yoga Daily

We’ve all heard the phrase, “emotionally charged” before and there’s a literal aspect to that phrase as emotion are energy and do carry a particular charge. While the true ends of the spectrum are only fear and only love, emotions can appear multifaceted. An emotion such as anger comes from fear, for example while an emotion such as joy comes from love. Anger, while horrible to experience yourself or to be at the receiving end of someone else’s, is simply telling us there is a lot of pain present. People who hurt others were most likely hurt badly themselves as some point and until healed, the cycle continues.

So, how do use emotion to help us live better lives and stop being so reactive? I would first suggest learning about our vast spectrum of emotions and then see how many you can list on your own while noting those that you tend to feel most often. When we are consciously aware of which end of the emotional spectrum we are spending most of our time in, we are giving ourselves the foundation we need to make great changes in our lives that will bring us back into balance.

Too much time on either side of the spectrum will manifest discord in some way. Even if you are a strictly positive person, denying the other end of your emotion scale by repression or denial, you will eventually be forced to deal with the imbalance in some way whether it manifests in your health or your state of mind. Therefore, the second thing I would recommend is to notice how reactive you are to OTHER people being rude, mean, etc. If you tend to immediately fly off the handle, get insulted, etc. this is a key sign you may be seeking approval, validation, and self-worth from others.

via How to Stop Emotionally Reacting and Start Consciously Responding – Karma Yoga Daily

AGR; It is possible to get ‘stuck’ in either fear, anger or hatred on one ‘side’. It is also possible to get ‘stuck’ in the Pollyanna Syndrome, which refuses to look or see anything dark and will not address unconscious dark side inspired behaviors.

The world is made up of dark and light. Play with both types of marbles, but don’t get stuck in fear, just as it is not a good idea to get stuck in love and then ‘fake’ that emotion, when something else is going on and needs to be addressed.

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