Republicans just made a giant gamble on Brett Kavanaugh – CNNPolitics

Republicans just made a giant gamble on Brett Kavanaugh – CNNPolitics

Motivating all of this, of course, is the coming court term — it begins October 4 — and the midterm elections on November 6. Conservatives want Kavanuagh on the court for the new session because if he doesn’t participate in the arguments, he can’t vote — meaning that the possibility of 4-4 ties, which means the lower court’s decision holds, goes way up.

Politically speaking, a chance exists that Republicans lose control of the Senate in the 2018 election. (It’s not likely, but it is a possibility.) If that happened, Republicans would have to try to force Kavanaugh’s confirmation through in a lame-duck session held between the election and the swearing in of the new Congress. A Democratic-controlled Senate would almost certainly refuse to vote Kavanuagh through — particularly after the stalling tactics Republicans put in place when President Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the court in 2016.
Those twin legal and political necessities are driving Republicans to what, from the outside, looks like a considerable political gamble. Here’s why it’s risky:
1) The leader of the Republican Party has major polling problems among women. President Donald Trump, who was elected in 2016 despite allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior from more than a dozen women surfaced during the campaign, has absolutely dismal numbers among female voters. In a new CNN-SSRS poll, just 29% of women approved of the job Trump was doing in office while 65% disapproved. More tellingly, 57% strongly disapproved of how Trump was doing the job. That speaks to a level of vitriol (and passion) that, traditionally, translates into major turnout in the coming election.

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AGR Actually, more than 20 women came forward on Trump and sexual assaults. Women will decide more things in the future, as they ELECT and VOTE more women into office.

This is a battle between the racist, sexist good ol rich white boys and WOMEN.

If women stand up and say NO MORE, that is going to be hard to beat, even with gerrymandering, rigging, cheating, stealing, lying, and more.

Republicans; the party of NO FAMILY VALUES, supporting a serial sexual predator, and now another male who has the same problem as Trump in his history.