Rape and Redemption: Trump and Kavanaugh

Article: Rape and Redemption: Trump and Kavanaugh | OpEdNews

608 days of a Trump presidency indicate that Donald hasn’t changed his ways. He hasn’t grown into the job as many voters hoped. He’s still the same bully, liar, racist and sexist he was during the presidential campaign. He still has the same poor judgment and problems with impulse control.

Many of Trump’s defenders, when asked about a sordid Trump incident — such as his “grab them by the p*ssy” comments or his affair with Stormy Daniels — reply that because the events happened before the election they do not count. The GOP position seems to be that since Trump is now President his episodes of sexual abuse no longer matter. Republicans claim that Trump was redeemed by the 2016 election.

As a liberal Christian, I believe in redemption. But not redemption by magic. Not the blanket type of redemption that says, “Jesus died for your sins and therefore, whatever you do, you are forgiven.” (Redemption without repentance.) And certainly not the form of redemption that says, “The GOP forgives you and, therefore, all your sins are washed away.”

I believe in redemption through good works. First an individual acknowledges their sin or transgression or offense. Next they seek to make amends by, among other things, apologizing to the person they offended.

via Article: Rape and Redemption: Trump and Kavanaugh | OpEdNews

AGR; Kavanaugh and Trump both seem to have a wee problem with telling the truth.

If a judge cannot tell the truth or recognize the difference between truth and falsehood, what in the H#(# are they doing as a judge? What else qualifies them for the job, other than that?