Magic Will Happen! | The Creator Writings

Magic Will Happen! | The Creator Writings

Yes, opinions will still have as much weight as people give them, however, they will be tempered with a visceral understanding that not all is as it seems.  The Universe is (and has been) taking steps to bring balance back into the equation.  It may be challenging to wait while this happens, but when the veil is lifted, magic will happen. ~ Creator

via Magic Will Happen! | The Creator Writings

AGR; When the veil is lifted, ONENESS will reign. Duality will not be possible any longer. Right now there is wrong, right, Democrat, Republican, war and peace, deception and lies.

Once the veil lifts, all of the above disappears, into the ONENESS. The ‘fog’ will lift and clarity plus light will rule, not darkness lies and deception.