Trump’s speech to the UN defines an isolationist, neo-fascist agenda

Trump’s speech to the UN defines an isolationist, neo-fascist agenda

On socialism, Trump very much tried to have it both ways. When discussing Venezuela, Trump was fast to blame socialism for the failure of what had been a prosperous state. When discussing China, he complained that “state owned businesses” and “central state planning” gave China an unfair advantage on the world stage … though he did not mention the S-word in making these statements.

Trump did have a villain in his speech other than the economic manipulations of China. After bragging that he brought down ISIS, Trump announced that there was a despotic, belligerent autocracy behind the tragedy in Syria. And that dark force is … Iran. Trump saddled Iran with 100 percent of the blame, never mentioning either Bashar Assad or Russia. In fact, the one time that Trump did mention Russia in his speech was when he claimed that Germany would soon get all of its power from Russia—which is a lie.

A speech that opened with the world laughing at Trump’s pretentiousness may seem like yet another in a series of throwaway, lightweight speeches from someone who spent much of the speech mangling phrases and having a lot of trouble with the letter “s.”  But this was a much darker, much more important speech than the chuckling or the denture slips suggest.

In this speech, which was surely authored by Stephen Miller, Trump pounded the neo-fascist themes that define his philosophy. This speech wasn’t just gloomy. It’s a gathering storm.

via Daily Kos Trump’s speech to the UN defines an isolationist, neo-fascist agenda

AGR; Sadly, even this article did not define or explain what fascism is. Fascism is the control of government by CORPORATIONS, which defines the US exactly at the present time.

It is time for people to take back their government from the fascist corporate overlords, like billionaires and CEO’s who believe they ‘own’ the US government. Like it or not, Trump is one of those fascist CEO billionaires.

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  1. The isolationism is a smoke screen. It is propaganda and lies. The usa is involved in afganhistan, syria, yemen, iran, s america , around china . Everywhere really. What a buncg of bullshit

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  2. No one should question, the true nature of Trump’s foreign policy after he tapped Bolton for National Security Advisor. John Bolton was a washed-up war criminal. He helped destroy iraq.   Now it is  unfolding.  Supporting Japans military and nuclear aramament.  Not letting north and south korea unite. Escalating the middle east. Lying about serin in syria. Providing escalating aid and weapons in yemen with saudis and israelis. Pushing iran into a corner with sanction and breaking the treaty. This guy is all lies and malicious propaganda, of the worst sort.  Trump got laughed at, bragging in the United Nations. The sickening effrontry, that this creep is isolationist. As bad an interventionist than george w bush. For them history began in 2008 because of all the war crimes bush commitged. Especially 911 and iraq. They have to pound on obama. Then they lie and do much worse. The Kavanaugh nomination is to cover Trump when he tries to start a war in iran and they vote to impeach him. Like every thing else, lies and deception of the worst sort. 

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