The Crossroads – Karma Yoga Daily

The Crossroads – Karma Yoga Daily

The crossroads is a magical place. It’s the place where the ethereal, spiritual, and philosophical meets the physical, real, and practical. Where these two roads intersect is the holy ground of transformation, it’s the place where we have to drop our one-track thinking and see the many roads. Practicing yoga means to be at the crossroads.

I’ve come face to face with my physical limitations, yes, but also with my own neurosis, my deepest fears, self-limiting thoughts, and deep, deep wells of grief. I’ve seen that everything is linked to everything else. I’ve meet the divine on my mat as well.  I see regular joy in handstands, pleasure and peace in savasana, fun in transitions, and possibilities in postures. I get regular hits of insight, of purpose, and a deep sense of belonging. Most importantly, at the crossroads of where physical meets spiritual, I get regular glimpses of the real who and what I am.

Robert Johnson sold his soul, meaning he gave up the simple, naïve way of seeing the world for a richer, more comprehensive and real view of the world. And for us to experience the larger view of ourselves we have to give up something. I believe instead of selling our soul, we sell the armor that protects us from experiencing only the good, the simple, and the happy. I believe that sometimes we must walk down the roads of grief, struggle, and pain to see how immensely beautiful life is.  It’s the larger view. It’s the view of heaven and it will cost you your life. At least, the way you’ve been living it before now. And you can never go back. But in the end after seeing what’s possible, would you want to?

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AGR – It is possible to sell one’s soul, but that too is a choice. Anyone who follows the path of chronic fear, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, shame and limits oneself to the physical senses alone has sold their soul for an existence limited to the ‘prison’ of five senses.

Within that cage, fear, anger, hatred and greed create an illusion of reality, but it is based on duality consciousness, which is an illusion itself. Duality consciousness creates delusional thinking, because it is based on illusion.

Duality consciousness is what one will will find in sociopaths, psychopaths, and those who believe that destroying people, plants, animals, and the environment is a good idea.

The crossroads are found in the heart, where Oneness, love and forgiveness exist inside of the Oneness that connects everyone to everything. Within this Oneness, anything is possible and miracles are ‘ordinary’. The crossroads lead into the Oneness, which transcends time, space and logic.