American Barbarism: Dr Gets 18 Years for Healing Son With Cannabis as Cop Gets No Time for Raping, Urinating on Woman

Tales from the Conspiratum

This would not occur in any decent civilization. This is plain barbarism. Why do people glorify America is beyond me. The USA is disintegrating on itself inch by inch by the actions of its own petty government  officials. Yeah USA, you’re a real nation of winners. For sure. Disgusting. Let’s hope the prosecutor and judge are Christians so they can go to the hell they believe in.

“Looking at the bigger picture, Piland’s case may serve as an indictment of a justice system and a pharmaceutical industry that will go to great lengths to ensure the truth about cannabis is never told. After all, Piland is a medical doctor who gave up his medical practice to pursue a lifetime of research into cannabis.”

Prosecutors in North Carolina used exaggerated claims to sentence a retired doctor to over 18 years for using cannabis to help his autistic son.


Dr Gets…

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