Life on the Run | Heavenletters

Life on the Run | Heavenletters

Beloved, We speak from the depths of Our One Heart and Soul. There is nothing else to say, for We are One in Truth. There is no other to speak of.

True, there is a certain amount of blither and blather that goes on in the world. Take it with a certain grain of salt and a certain amount of common sense or nonsense, as the case may be.

You don’t want to pretend away life. You want the simple truth and nothing but the truth. You have had enough of tom-foolery in one form or another. You are sure you want no more of it. You want the real thing and to be finished with all the knock-offs and dithering-around.

“God, please establish me in full sunlight and liberty and nothing less. No longer will I be set-up. Pour life on me, God, as it is truly is. I am to be the real goods from now on. I will accept no less, so help Me God.”

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