Pollution, costs mean coal’s reign is waning

Pollution, costs mean coal’s reign is waning

As part of a campaign to keep the pressure on I&M, the Sierra Club released a letter signed by all nine Fort Wayne City Council members urging the utility to move more quickly in switching to alternative fuels.

The nearly 2,500 Hoosiers still in the coal industry deserve retraining and support during the years ahead. But an analysis by the Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs this summer estimated the state now has five times more jobs in alternative energy and energy efficiency than in fossil fuels.

A new report from the Environmental Law and Policy Center estimates the solar and wind industries alone have created 10,000 jobs in Indiana. “Renewable energy is an important part of the Indiana economy, including jobs,” said the center’s Janet McCabe.

Coal, by contrast, is a fuel whose time is passing quickly.

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All fossil fuels and nuclear are toxic, deadly, and radioactive POISON. These monopolies like to hide this simple fact. Why inhale or ingest poison, when you don’t have to?

Switch to clean, renewable ZERO CARBON, ZERO NUCLEAR energy sources. The solutions are all there. Just MOVE, one step at a time.

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