Inability to Opt Out of Beeping Presidential Alerts Violates the US Constitution; Violates Right To Be Let Alone; Violates Nuisance Laws & More

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Now in what used to be the USA: Freaking Presidential Alerts beep frenetically even with volume off phone and phone in sleep mode and emergency alerts shut off. How scary is that! Americans can’t shut off Trump. You can shut off emergency warnings, including pending tornado strike, chemical leaks or approaching forest fire, but not shut off Trump!

Americans of a certain age know how patently UNAMERICAN this is. The most basic American right is the right to be let alone, as pointed out by Supreme Court Justice Brandeis in 1890, citing Judge Cooley. That’s why Americans like private homes and not to be stuffed in apartments like both Democrat (Elizabeth Warren) and Republican (Ben Carson) politicians apparently desire, as seen in their recent and still ongoing attempts to overrule and undermine single family home zoning laws.

Excerpt from lawsuit against this nuisance. The entire lawsuit is further below…

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