The Taint on Brett Kavanaugh Keeps Growing | Alternet

The Taint on Brett Kavanaugh Keeps Growing | Alternet

Beyond that alleged incident in suburban Maryland, Kavanaugh is accused of having exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez, a Yale University classmate, at a party there when both were undergraduates; and he is further accused by Julie Swetnick of having participated in abusive behavior toward women during his high school years, along with Judge and others.

While these charges may seem to invite the kind of lengthy investigation that would never reach any conclusion, the questions they raise could be fairly addressed without straining the FBI or the Senate. On the JustSecurity website, former government attorneys Norman Eisen, Asha Rangappa and Kristen Amerling have provided a list of 30 individuals, including those named above, whose interviews are needed to complete a competent and unbiased inquiry that could determine whether Kavanaugh has lied about himself and his actions. Given the resources of the FBI, that wouldn’t be an unreasonable scope, if only Republican senators were to care to find facts.

There is another related matter that demands investigative attention: the aborted effort by conservative activist Ed Whelan to deflect blame for the Ford incident onto Kavanaugh’s former friend Chris Garrett. FBI agents should interview Whelan about the circumstances and contacts leading up to his wild tweetstorm implicating Garrett, and seek any text messages, emails or other evidence that might show how he obtained yearbook photos and other information used to advance that fraudulent distraction.

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AGR – Dr Ford was never interviewed by the FBI, and neither were the other women who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

The other 40 witnesses were also never interviewed by the FBI.

Kavanaugh was not required to give a polygraph test, nor was he questioned by the FBI.

So how do they come up with the conclusion that nothing happened?

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