Second Thoughts | Heavenletters

Second Thoughts | Heavenletters

Beloved, We, you and I, are Oneness replete. Invariably, I know where I stand with everything, whereas you tend to equivocate and dance around. You may find yourself sorry later. True?

I get My point across. I am firm. I know what I mean and I know how to say it, and I say it. Of course, I don’t stand on ceremony and deal with all the details you do. I get the show on the road. I know what I mean. I say what I mean straight out.

You are well aware that in terms of life, this spectacle that is weighing heavily on you right now isn’t worth your aggravation, yet there seems to be no end to it, and you keep on being aggravated. Your heart stays in a frenzy. This is no way for you or anyone to live. You may surround yourself with misgivings on top of misgivings.

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AGR; Keep the focus on the Oneness and love, plus gratitude. Don’t be dragged into the illusion of fear, hatred or despair. Hold the high ground. Don’t go down into the pit with those who are completely lost and trapped in the prison of their own delusions.