Exposing the false claims about Generation IV nuclear reactors


Generation IV reactors that consume waste instead of producing waste and couldn’t be used for weapons production … sounds pretty good but the claims are fanciful. A recent article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ‒ co-authored by a former chair of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission ‒ states that “molten salt reactors and sodium-cooled fast reactors – due to the unusual chemical compositions of their fuels – will actually exacerbate spent fuel storage and disposal issues.” It also raises proliferation concerns about ‘integral fast reactor’ and MSR technology: “Pyroprocessing and fluoride volatility-reductive extraction systems optimized for spent fuel treatment can – through minor changes to the chemical conditions – also extract plutonium (or uranium 233 bred from thorium).”

Here’s a summary:

Generation IV nuclear waste claims debunked

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